Eastern Delaware Nations, Inc.

Who We Are

Most Eastern Delaware Nations (EDN) members are descendents of Native Americans who lived in the Endless Mountains Region of Northeastern Pennyslvania and resisted being removed. EDN presents numerous workshops and events about Native American history, heritage, culture, and continued presence in the region. Researching and interpreting this history is a focal point, but transference of living culture is central to our members. Many of us carry forward pieces of a culture shattered by genocide. EDN offers a forum to pull those pieces together into a cohesive mosaic.

Some EDN members are descendents of tribes from outside this region. Some are cardholders of federally recognized tribes who now reside in this region. They recognize EDN as an active local group providing them with social, religious, and cultural support.

Some EDN members are not of Native American descent, but join as social members in support of a family member or to assist EDN in educational outreach and other activities.

Some of our ancestors who remained in the Endless Mountains Region chose to 'become' the ethnicities they most resembled, or were connected to through marriage or other relationships.


They did this due to fear; of removal, of federal policies prohibiting land ownership or public office; of boarding schools for their children; of laws outlawing their religious practices. In essence, they hid in plain sight through assimilation into the non-native majority. Their legacy is written in our physical features. Their traditions and worldview are reflected in our oral histories and culture.